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About Jim Gray Designs
Thank you for your interest in our company.

We hope you will take some time to look over the materials and maybe decide to invest in a consultation and proposal. We have been in the home entertainment business in Tallahassee since 1979 and have completed over 3,200 installations. They have varied from just a few hundred dollars to over $175,000, so it's unlikely that your ideas are too small or too grandiose for us to consider.

We did our first pre-wire back in 1983 (Thanks to Bang & Olufsen and Bob Porter) and actually brought the idea of prewire design and installation of multi-room audio and video to Tallahassee. We have been a member of CEDIA (Custom Design & Installation Association) since its founding in 1989 and continue to participate in every annual Expo.

We have, we believe, the best clients a company could hope for. We seem to attract people that understand the difference we can make and find the value in what we do. For that, we will always be grateful. Over the years we have mentored most of the A/V companies in the area and in many cases, they came into their own while working with us.

So whether you are building, remodeling or just ready to explore the possibilities, we would certainly enjoy the opportunity to spend some time with you and exchange some ideas!

After more than 25 years of displaying local art, along with some of the best artists in the country, Wildwood Days Gallery will officially open in the Fall of 2011. We are pretty excited about this addition to the ShowHome and it is already shaping up with some great work! We hope you might want to make an appointment to see what we've been up to in this new adventure.

The ShowHome and the Wildwood Days Gallery combine to make a very unique place. Clients, manufacturers, interior designers, architects, builders and other related professionals have commented after seeing the combination of art and entertainment that it is one of the nicest spaces they have ever seen. The ShowHome and Gallery have been published several times and in 2009, we were even featured on CNN International's: The Finer Things.

As you will see in the following materials, we represent some of the finest companies and artists working today. Their talents and commitments seem to be aligned with our own and we feel fortunate to be a part of what they bring to the ShowHome and Gallery.

We understand that we are not the right company for everyone (although sometimes, I wish we were) but we are worth a closer look if you are considering something unique.

As we enter our 32nd year, I think back to the people who helped us along the way; who opened their homes to us and put their trust and confidence in our abilities. It is those clients that have made the difference in what we have accomplished.

In looking forward, I hope we can continue in that spirit...to develop great relationships; to try and live up to our own expectations and in doing so, hopefully exceed yours.

Thanks again for your interest and we look forward to hearing from you...

Best wishes,
Jim Gray